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Our First Blog

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Welcome to our Very First Blog ever. In this issue I want to give you an insight into Quirky Guitars, why it was created and what we hope it achieves. Firstly this is a family business, and we are based in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. We have had retail stores before ( but bricks and mortar, not online ) and I, John-o have been playing guitar and a few other instruments for many years. I love acoustic music, having been introduced to it by haunting the folk clubs in and around London, but then I got into Rock music and really got off on lead guitar. I originally found a very unique line of hand made guitars from South-Africa called Afri-Can Guitars and started importing them into Australia, unfortunately the creator and designer of Afri-Can Guitars passed away in 2008, I only have one model that he made left which is currently for sale on our Quirky Guitars web page.But on looking for more instruments that are not currently being imported into Australia I came across the wonderfull Daddy Mojo range of Cigar Box Guitars. ( or CBG's ) I have seen quite a number of this type of guitar before but mostly built from spare parts and nuts and bolts, designed specifically for slide playing and only with three strings and " No" frets. The Daddy Mojo range starts off with a 4 string standard model which allows you to play chords and slide as the neck is fretted, but not only do they sound excellent but they are beautifully made and look Super Cool.

Thank you for taking the time to read our very 1st Blog.

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