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Daddy Mojo 4 string De-Luxe models

In essence, all you need to make a chord is 3 notes. Therefore, our standard model has been stripped down to the minimum essentials. Skeptics be warned, this little "Blues Box" is all you need for super fat authentic slide and finger style work! There are just loads of tuning variations to play around with...try E5 or open D for a great Delta Blues vibe or G6 or C6 for a more laid back Hawaiian feel. experiment and you will reap the rewards! We've upgraded our standard model to a 4-string fully fretted format. Four strings means your technique gets stripped down to a bare-bones approach for both chord and melody work, reminiscent of the fat sounds of olden days. All Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars are equipped with a maple neck, Spanish Cedar box as well as a Smokin mini humbcking pick-up for amplification purposes.